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    Mwema is run by a team of 14 workers and 2 national volunteers. The Board of Directors is volunteer. Since its foundation Mwema has received international volunteers who have spent their time to come and support Mwema in different areas.

    Mwema has seen this as a great opportunity to improve its management: leisure time of children, capacity building of workers, etc. On the other hand, the volunteers have also learnt from children, from the community we are working with and from Mwema staff. This has helped them to understand other realities and to aware their fellows, once back to their countries of origin to expand Mwema network.

    However, international volonteers must be well prepared and adapted to meet the objectives of our NGO. Therefore, it is our responsibility to establish certain selection criteria for the screening of those applicants that wish to come to volunteer at Mwema, and explain the how this screening process is.

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Mwema Screening Process for International Volunteers

International Volunteers Application Form

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