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    Taking into account the educational needs of the first children housed in the centre, Mwema decided to hire teachers who were responsible for education with the goal of reintegration into the Tanzanian public school system. As most children had missed out on schooling in primary schools, the Memkwa system was developed. This system consists of studying the material of two years in just one year in an accredited centre and carrying out national exams to access primary and secondary schools. As a result of the success of this system the Memkwa school has become an annex to the nearby public school and so far 10 children have re-enrolled.

    Mwema Memkwa School has established itself as the only centre that follows this system in the Karatu District and has therefore become a reference point to numerous families whose children have been delayed in starting school or have lost their right due to absenteeism (two very widespread problems caused by the lack of resources and opportunities). Due to the high level of requests of admission to the school received from neighbouring families without resources, Mwema decided to open its doors to other children, who although are not street children, are at risk of social exclusion due to truancy and the absence of alternatives among their families.

    There are currently more than 30 children receiving education in this school, of which at least 10 will gain access to public school in 2009, 7 of them into secondary education.

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