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    Mwema Street Children Center has many partners and collaborators at national (Tanzania) and international level, especially in Spain. The ways of cooperation are carried out through financial donations and promoting volunteering.


This organisation has supported Mwema Street Children Centre for 2 years, from March 2007 until March 2009. During that time it has been the largest donor to the organization. Its support has focused on the financing of various activities and sending one volunteer, as part of an Asturias Government cooperation program called Jóvenes Cooperantes, that has strengthened the financial management and administration.


Achalay is a Spanish association that supports small development projects. Its mission is to help all beneficiaries as effectively as possible and to ensure transparency and good use of the aid granted. All work is voluntary and integrated into the philosophy of zero cost.

Achalay has supported Mwema since 2007 through annual donations and the enabling of a bank account to raise funds and donations that are sent directly to Mwema periodically.


Located in Karatu, this tourist hotel has worked with Mwema since 2007 through outreach events, donations of food and the donation of 8 computers which helped to start the computer school. During 2009 it is expected to sign a partnership agreement that will give stability to future collaboration.

The association has collaborated with Mwema since January 2009 as a partner and mediator in Spain for the presentation of the project to public bodies. They have recently submitted a draft to the Oviedo City Council and have committed themselves to partnership with the project funding.


Derandein Foundation is one of the main Mwema partners since 2009 with an annual technical and financial support commitment. For more information visit their website www.derandein.org.


Matumiani is a Spanish association created for the promotion of sensitization and education for development activities as well as national and international projects that promote children´s rights. Its main partner currently is Mwema. You can visit the website and become a member at www.matumainiepd.org

Chamäleon is a German tour operator that has been collaborating with Mwema for more than 4 years ago, not only buy sensitizing tourist groups and visitors at our centre, but also through increasing financial support. The achivements have been many: contribution to the digging of a borehole for clean water at our centre, purchasing a new land attached to the current one for expanding our services, contributing to children Primary Health Care (PHC),  a motorcycle for facilitating family visitation... Currently they have got committed with Mwema Children Health Cycle, which includes most activities related to health components of children: PCH, food security and nutrition, sports and games, water and sanitation.

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