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    Mwema Street Children Center-Karatu promotes children's rights and carries out welfare, educational and preventative work for children who are living on the street and for those at risk of social exclusion through three projects: the refuge centre, the educational centre Memkwa school and the computer classes (also for the sustainability of Mwema).

    The greatest challenge of Mwema is working with girls. Girls who flee their homes are not as commonly seen on the street as boys, who form groups and are seen walking around day and night. Girls are very often taken in by families or businesses and are forced into domestic work or are even sexually abused, taking advantage of their fears of not having shelter and living on the streets.

    Until now Mwema has only been able to work with girls at risk of fleeing their homes or not attending school, by welcoming them into the Memkwa school program, working on preventative actions against the terrible situation.

    Mwema is also constantly evaluating other projects, in particular those that will enable and ensure the self-management and sustainability of the organisation in the future.


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