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    Opened since May 2006, the centre initially opened its doors once a week to the first group of identified children. Subsequently Mwema opened the hosting centre on a full-time basis, which was equipped over time with the necessities to make it habitable.

    The aim of the centre, in accordance with children’s rights, is to: welcome those living on the street, voluntarily and with the permission of their immediate families; provide food, housing, education and general care, as well as to promote family and labour reintegration.

   The centre is currently located in a rented house with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, two showers and an outdoor latrine, one games room and dining room and two offices. It has recently been equipped with a solar power system which provides electricity and hot water (funded by the association Universidad y Solidaridad, the University of Cantabria, Spain).

    The centre is fully occupied at the moment, housing 25 children, who were living on the street and have not returned to their families.

    Mwema works with the families of children by encouraging mutual contact in order to re-establish emotional bonds and promote a dignified return to family life. There is also continuous contact with the wider community through participation in neighbourhood and district meetings and the participation of the association and the children in public events, such as theatrical works that deal with social change.

    In addition to this, the centre opens its doors once a week to all those children who still live on the street, known as Mwema Day. On this day, street children are reunited with the children living in the centre and with teachers and other employees to receive food. They also have the opportunity to wash their clothes and shower. It is also an excellent time to give lectures about hygiene, health matters, sexuality, prevention of drug abuse, etc.
Mwema Hosting and Rehabilitation Centre

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